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Learn a few more things today about garage doors and their repairs by going through these tips

Keep the garage door clicker away from kids

When you are at home, you should place it on a high shelf. It is best if place it so that children cannot see it when playing around. In general, our pros in garage door repair Deerfield Beach recommend that you explain the danger of playing with the remote to children from the very beginning.

Troubleshoot a noisy garage door in three steps

The first step involves rust removal. You should use appropriate solvent. You may have to scrape off a thicker layer of rust with steel wool first. The second step involves lubrication of the moving metal garage door parts. The third step involves inspection. If any parts are worn-out or damaged, they must be replaced immediately.

Frayed cables should be left to the professionals

When you find a damaged or frayed cable that connects to your garage door, it's time to call our expert team for service. Depending on how damaged the cable is, it may break at any time rendering your garage door completely unusable. Our experts are trained to replace damaged cables with the right type and diameter so that your garage door continues to operate exactly as intended by the manufacturer. Give our experts a call for repairs or maintenance to your home's garage door. Your 100% complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How to check the photo eye

The photo eye is a very important addition to the overall safety features of the garage door. The photo eye is a sensor that prompts the opener to retract the door whenever there is something in the way. To check if they're functioning, you can close the door via the remote and then as the door descends, you can put your foot between the sensors to break the beam of light. Be sure to pull your foot back immediately just to be safe.

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