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Are glass garage doors ideal for all regions?

Although glass garage doors are strong, they're not ideal for neighborhoods with high crime rates and hurricane prone regions according to our specialists. Though, they're highly resistant to elements and will be perfect for houses close to the sea as long as you choose aluminum frames, which are resilient to moisture.

What's the Amarr safe guard system?

Amarr has patented a safe guard system for sectional doors to help people avoid accidents. Since most people catch their fingers in garage door sections, the company created the pinch protection sections which don't leave any room for fingers. It also patented tampered-resistant components for even more enhanced safety. Parts under tension won't be removed easily.

What is a screw-drive and what makes it so good?

A screw drive is a modern alternative to the traditional chain drive system. They are adjusted to fit the precise pressure your door needs and can provide a very smooth opening and closing function for years without altering or weakening over time. They are built to be compact and robust, so that they last longer than other drives.

Are torsion springs really dangerous?

Short answer, yes. Torsion springs are very dangerous if they are mishandled. This is why it is never advisable for homeowners to fix or adjust torsion springs themselves. When the stored torque of a loaded torsion spring gets accidentally released, the result can be devastating. There are reports of people losing not only their hands but also their lives.

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